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Madina Center
Of Stockton - MCS

The new home of Masjid Umar Farooq

  • MCS Presents Youth Program:

    Fall 2017:

    Topics: Fiqh and Aqeedah, Challenges for Youth.

    Fridays after Isha From Oct. 21 2017 to Jan. 6, 2018.

    Madina Center

  • Current Program for kids:

    Program runs from Oct. 21 to Dec. 9, 2017.

    New Series has started; Islam The Way of Life.

    Join our Friday program for kids (Between Maghrib and Ishaa prayers).

    Madina Center
  • Welcome

    Welcome to Madina Center



    Madina Center contact information:
    8606 N. State Highway 99 Stockton, CA 95212

    We thank everyone for continous support. We are Pleased to inform every one that we moved to MADINA CENTER Friday Jun 10 2016.

    Tel: (209) 477-0877

  • Mosque

    Madina Center Of Stockton

    Madina Center contact information:
    8606 N. State Highway 99 Stockton, CA 95212

    Current Masjid: Our New Masjid Madina Center

    Tel: (209) 477-0877

  • From all of us here in
    Stockton California,
    Your continued support of Madina Center Project
    Is much appreciated.

    Madina Center
Assalaamu Alaykum Respected Brothers & Sisters
In case you haven’t seen this health alert from the San Joaquin County Public Health Officer, we are resending it and asking that you review it. The memo is about Reporting Employee COVID-19 Outbreaks in the Workplace. Public Health Services and its community partners are working to control the spread of COVID-19 throughout San Joaquin County. We are in this together; everyone is part of the solution - please do your part. Share this information widely. If you have any questions please contact SJCPHS at 209-468-3827 or
Please follow the link below for Steps to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 if you are sick
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Madina Center
Madina Center
Madina Center
Madina Center
Madina Center

Past Events

Mental Health Awareness
Mother & Toddler
Fiqh of Tahara
Healthy Life & Spiritual Health

From January 30th until March 27th 2017 each Friday, program for kids:

Class focus on:

The Lives of Young Companions of our BELOVED NABI MUHAMMED .

1-Maulana Hashimi sahib tonight Maghreb to Isha at Madina Center.
2-Looking for a sponsor to sponsor a hafiz student at Madina Center. Please reach out to brother Saif for info.

3- Tomorrow after Maghreb at CIC there will be a discussion at CIC about opening up an Islamic school in Lodi.

4-Al-Misbah has opened up an office At CIC. They are open Thursday's 5pm-7pm to serve the needs of the public.

5-Sunday 10/21 BBQ for all brother and sisters youth/volunteers. Food served @ 4:30pm. Program asr to Maghreb by Maulana Faseeh.

6-Friday 10/26 mental health program - asr to Isha. Sheikh Ibrahim Fayaz of Canada.

7-Saturday 10/27 Monthly program - Qari Fazullah of Los Angeles.
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December 2017 Monthly program:

Program focus on: The Sacrifices of our BELOVED NABI MUHAMMED (S.A.W.).

Madina Center gladly invite all members of our community and them Family for our monthly program. Please join us Saturday December 6th 2014, the program will be conducted by Mufti Saad Khan.

  1. The program start 3:30PM.
  2. Asr Prayer
  3. Quran recitation from one of our Youth
  4. Mufti Saad will then conduct the program
  5. Close the program before Maghreb prayer
  6. Maghreb Prayer
  7. Serve Dinner (Pot-Luck
  8. Ishaa Prayer

Hope to see you all Inshaa ALLAH.

A Message From Madina Center Community

Allah Almighty has blessed and continues to bless us with His bounties; one of His bounties is our current project, The Madina Center of Stockton, California. Due to the fast growing Muslim community around the US and here in Central Valley California, we needed a large facility to accommodate our Muslim community, specially our youth.

Free Evening School for your child.

In 2007, we purchased this 2.15 acre land. The design and architectural planning took about three years to complete and in 2011 we had our ground breaking ceremony with the grace of Allah. This would not have been possible without each and every individual in this community that donated, spoke up in planning commission and county supervisor's meetings, and made dua for the Madina Center.

It is through the hard work of this Ummah that we were able to get this project up and running.

We are very excited and thank Allah Subhana Wa Ta'ala every day for this blessing and continue to encourage the community to donate and make dua that this project finishes quickly.

We envision Madina Center to be a facility where people can come to learn, find peace, and feel safe. Madina Center will be a place where the muslims can clench their thirst for knowledge and where families can find a support system to raise their children.

We encourage our members to use this new center as a place they can run to for help and security. The facility will shape a healthy, thriving community that will benefit the Muslim Ummah and the community of Stockton.

If you are interested in donating to this wonderful project, please be sure to click on our Donation tab above. Remember, every penny counts.

Waa Salaam Alaikum.

Community of Madina Center, the new home of Madina Center.


Prayer Timetable

Stockton, CA, USA

1st Jummuah No Jummah till Further Notice
2nd Jummuah No Jummah till Further Notice

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